Study Reveals Number of Workplace Lawsuits Decreasing

Each year, Jackson Lewis Law Firm conducts a Workplace Survey during law conferences around the country, asking several questions concerning legal disputes and other situations that arise in a workplace.  The most interesting results for 2005 include the following:

  • Fewer lawsuits were brought against companies in 2005.  On the survey, only 49% of the participants said that they had experienced a lawsuit in the past year.  In 2004 and 2003, 57% of the companies had been sued.
  • The most popular lawsuit was gender discrimination.  51% of those sued cited gender discrimination as the cause. Racial discrimination was 45%, age discrimination was 40%, disability discrimination was 40%, and nationality discrimination was 17%, which were relatively unchanged from the 2004 survey.
  • Sexual harassment complaints are decreasing.  48% of the participants said there were no reports of sexual harassment at their companies. This is down 4% from 2004, and 11% from 2003.
  • Sexual harassment prevention training is more prevalent. 90% of all companies surveyed provide mandatory sexual harassment training, up from 71% in 2004 and 56% in 2003.
  • Drug and alcohol testing has become routine.  62% of all companies surveyed conduct drug and alcohol testing, with 91% conducting testing on a pre-hire basis.

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