Tucson Home Insurance Rates Will Trend Up

“Hey – why did my Tucson Home Insurance Rates Go Up…Again?”

Tucson Home insurance rates are on the rise and the outlook is that the trend will continue.  Homeowners insurance in general has been underpriced and an unprofitable line of insurance for most every insurance companies.

When Arizona property owners open up their renewals they will most likely see rate increases from 10 to 40 percent higher.  This is because there has been a perfect storm brewing for a long time when it comes to home insurance rates.  While some of the milder weather states like Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado have dodged big premium increases this may soon change.

The perfect home insurance storm is a convergence of record low interest rates, a poor economy, record catastrophes from natural disasters (like Superstorm Sandy, Joplin Tornadoes, wildfires and forest fires in Colorado and the Western US) and a spike in home burglary claims.

It may not be too far in the future that Tucson homeowners will face more rate increases on property policies but may also face availability issues.  Rates will most likely jump for AZ landlords insurance policies too. As insurance companies look to improve profitability they are re-inspecting many of the Tucson are home insurance policies that they have on the books.  Homes can be non-renewed if certain maintenance problems are noted by inspectors.

Most non-renewal letters go out for condition issues with the home and often include the following:

  • Roof Detioration (shingles missing, roof rolling and cracking)
  • Trees and Vegetation too close to Residence (limbs of trees touching structure)
  • Dry Rot and Paint Issues (peeling paint and dry rot on fascia)
  • Overall care (abandoned cars, refrigerators, beds and junk around property)

So how can you offset the Tucson home insurance rate increases that are sure to come?

Review your policy and get a second opinion.  At TucsonInsurance.com agency we recommend that you open your renewal package and review it with your agent.  Make sure you review the discounts section to be sure that some have not accidently dropped in error.  Other options include having your agent check rates for higher deductibles, alarm discounts, multi-policy bundling discounts, and shopping your rates with multiple carriers.  You can send us a request to review and quote your home policy right here.